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Cybersecurity for Startups Aiming for Acquisition

Service Packages

Virtual or Fractional CISO

Each startup has unique cybersecurity needs. Having a vCISO comes at a fraction of the cost and ensures cybersecurity requirements are met. That's why we offer personalized cybersecurity strategy development services to meet the specific needs of your business. Our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your business's cybersecurity risks and develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to mitigate those risks.

Minimal Viable Security for a Startup with a Digital Product

There are a minimum set of requirements a startup on a growth path needs:

  1. DDOS Protection

  2. Authentication and Authorization

  3. Pentesting

  4. Domain Name Protection

  5. Encryption and Data Protection

 Intellectual Property Protection

Many companies today may have propriety information that sets them apart from competitors. Are you building an AI product? 

  • Encryption and Data Protection

  • Authentication and Access Control

Secure Path to Acquisition

Many startups are aiming to exit via acquisition. There are many hurdles to overcome on the path to acquisition, cybersecurity should not be one of them. Have you done the due diligence as the owner of a digital product? If you are unsure, we recommend purchase this package. 

  • SOC2/3

  • Pentesting

  • NIST benchmark

  • Secure Coding Integration 

  • Disaster Recovery Plan


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